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More About the Program

Course Curriculum

  • 70 Hours Esalen Massage Skills/Technique/Theoretical Foundations

  •   5 Hours Communication Skills

  • 10 Hours applied anatomy and physiology/pathology

  •  5 Hours Professional Ethics

  • 10 Hours Movement Practices/Kinesiology/Self Care10 hours  

   100 Hours Total        


  • 4 Hours of documented movement classes

  • 1 Hour receiving and documenting professional massage

   In addition to in class time, you can receive credit for:

Nora Matten giving an Esalen Massage

Week One

  • Foundational techniques of Esalen massage

    • The art of being present

    • Developing a meditation practice

    • Awareness practices through movement, breath, meditation and touch

    • Quality of touch

    • Introduction to Energy work

    • Working with breath and contact

    • Long Strokes

    • Integrating the whole body

    • Introduction to rocking techniques

    • Passive joint movement/ range of motion

    • Elongations/ Stretches

  • Effective draping techniques

  • Applied Anatomy

  • Massage contraindications

  • Massage Ethics/ Professional Boundaries

  • Communication


  • Body mechanics/self care

  • History and approach of Esalen massage

  • Plenty of time to practice

Week Two

  • Deepening your personal practice

  • Deepening your experience in giving Esalen Massage

    • Specific techniques for upper back, neck and shoulders

    • Specific techniques for the legs and arms

    • Specific techniques for lower back and hips

    • Abdominal Massage

    • More extensions, stretches, range of movement, and alternate positioning

    • Review/ putting it all together

    • Plenty of practice


  • Special Conditions

    • Esalen massage and PTSD

    • Pregnancy Massage


  • Introduction to aromatherapy

  • Anatomy, physiology and pathology

  • Final evaluation massages

  • Ethics/ Professionalism

  • Business skills and practices

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