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Mothers Day Special Offer

Treat yourself to extra relaxation this summer with the

Oicture of Esalen® Massage Gift Certificate

Personalize your message. Let me know what you want your personal message to be.

Esalen Massage Gift Certificate

Dearest Mom,

Happy Mother's Day!

I so appreciate all the ways you take care of me.


Please enjoy a massage from Nora

This certificate entitles to one ___ min Esalen Massage with

Nora Matten at her Studio

Gift Certificate # _______ Valid for 6 month

3 Session Bundle Special

save 15%, valid for 4 month

3 x 75 min: $497

3 x 90 min: $586

Tips are appreciated not expected

Sliding Scale Special

one session/gift card recipient

75min: $156 - $175

90min: $184 - $207

I ask that you pay at the highest rate you can afford

Tips are appreciated not expected

TRE Tension/Trauma Releasing Bundle

Save 15%

1 x 90 min TRE Private Intro

2 x 60 min practice session to be scheduled within 4 weeks of intro session

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