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Portrait Nora Matten

About Nora

I am an Esalen® Massage Thrapist and Teacher and a Certified TRE® provider.

I have devoted my life to the exploration of body, mind and spirit.

I discovered my love for touch when I watched my father receive a massage when I was about 6 years old and finally learnt the art of massage in 2001 at the Esalen Institute.

Arriving at Esalen in 1999 was a life changer. Through Esalen massage, dancing 5 Rythms and practicing gestalt awareness I opened up to the the grief my body held about the loss of my father 13 years earlier when I was only 18.

I felt deeply gifted and moved to learning how to hold a space in which healing could happen through attuned touch and presence.

I lived and studied at Esalen for 3 years, became a Esalen massage crew member and practiced massage at the famous Esalen hot spring bath for 15 years and have been teaching Esalen Massage at Esalen and Internationally since 2005.

I was introduced to TRE in 2013 and found it was an incredible tool for self regulation which is why I decided to add it to my offerings as I would like my clients to be able to have tools to regualte their own nervous sythem.

In all of my work it is my intention to create a save space in which change can happen through awareness.

"my Massage is loving, nurturing and deep.

I work from my heart. My intention is to create a safe space  in which change can happen through awareness. Each session is unique and tailored to what is needed in the moment. A wave like dance of listening and responding, breath and movement, creating a sense of wholeness and well being.

I combine Esalen® Massage with deep bodywork, Thai Massage, energy work and my practice of presence."

One of my preferred ways of working is in the side - lying position which is ideal for people who are unable to lie in the prone ( on the belly) or supine ( on the back) position, as well as for pregnant women.

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