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100-Hour Esalen® Massage Certification Training for Professionals

     Hosted at


1. Escuela de Quiromassaje de Madrid

 Madrid, March 1-8 & 15-22, 2023 

Taught by Silvia Guersenzvaig & Nora Matten

Esalen Massage
Big Sur Eslane Institute
Big Sur Eslane Institute

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Esalen® Bath
Esalen® Bath

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Esalen® Institute Sun Set
Esalen® Institute Sun Set

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Big Sur Eslane Institute
Big Sur Eslane Institute

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About Esalen® Massage

Esalen® Massage is a holistic approach to bodywork in which the whole person is considered, contacted and worked with. Esalen Massage is best known for its long flowing strokes and quality of touch/contact. It integrates many techniques, including soft rocking, passive movement and joint mobilization, stretching and deeper work on specific parts of the body. Esalen massage stimulates the skin, circulatory and lymphatic systems, encourages a fuller sense of fluidity, spaciousness and vitality and greater awareness of one's body.

Many times we have heard clients say:".... this was the best massage I have ever had" and we have seen many practitioners regain enthusiasm for their massage practice by learning Esalen Massage

About the Program

Esalen Massage is more then a technique, it is a  practice of presence.

During the Esalen Massage training much focus is placed on the practitioner's relationship to him/herself and the well-being of practitioner and client are equally important and attended to.

A daily movement practice ( dance/ yoga) and meditation practice will support our study of massage and help bring more awareness, aliveness and presence to our experience and help us to deepen our ability to touch with presence, sensitivity and listening hands and transform “technique”into a true healing art.

The training will provide you with an in depth experience and practice of the basic elements of Esalen Massage:

Breath and Contact, Compressions, Long Flowing Strokes over the whole body, Soft rocking, Passive movement, Gentle stretches and Pausing for integration, while also allowing you to discover how to integrate what you already know into the flow of Esalen Massage, therebye taking your practice to a whole new level.

Learning the art and practice of Esalen® massage with its elements of self exploration and deepening contact with one self is often a life changing experience. Many times we have seen long term practitioners regain their enthusiasm for their massage practice by learning Esalen Massage.

About the Program
What you will learn

You will learn

  • The art of touching with presence, sensitivity & listening hand

  • How to work with versus on someone

  • How to be present with yourself and your client 

  • Esalen® massage philosophy, method and ar

  • Grounding and centering techniques

  • Sensory awareness practices

  • Meditation and mindfulness practices

  • Good body mechanics

  • Self-care practices: before, during & after the session

  • Basic Gestalt practices for good communication.

  • Boundaries

  • Draping

See the Curriculum here


The 100 hour Esalen® massage training is designed for professionals who would like to enhance their practice through the art of  Esalen massage and would like to add Esalen massage to their offering.

To be admitted to this training you need to have at least 150 hours of training from an accredited massage school.

Successful completion of this course and the accompanying homework gives you the privilege of calling yourself an

Esalen® Massage Practitioner. 

History of Esalen & Esle Masage


About Esalen & the History of Esalen Massage

Esalen® Institute which is perched  on a magnifisent piece of land between the Santa Lucia Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur CA is home to Esalen massage.  Esalen Institute was founded in 1962 by Michael Muphy and Dick Price and became the center of the human potential movement. Esalen was a exploratorium for body, mind and spirit. Thinkers like Alan Watts and Aldeous Huxley lived here, Fritz Pearls and Dick Price practiced Gestalt Therapy here and many of the worlds great masters of bodywork developed and practiced their work here, among them:

  • Charlotte Selver, founder of Sensory Awareness

  • Moshee Feldenkrais, creator of the Feldenkrais Method

  • Milton Trager, creator of the Trager Approach
  • Ida Rolf, creator of Structural Intergration (Rolfing)

  • Dr. Stan Grof, creator of Holotropic Breathwork

  • Emily Conrad & Susan Harper,  Continum

       to name just a few.

Influenced by the work of all these teachers and masters, the surrounding nature and the presence of the Pacific Ocean Esalen Massage was born and developed  at the Esalen Institute over the past 50+ years.

Esalen® View from Deck

About the Teachers

Silvia Head 1_edited.jpg
Nora Big Sur_edited.png

Silvia Guersenzvaig

Embarked on her journey as a massage practitioner in 1985 and became an Esalen®️ Massage instructor in 2005. Silvia is a certified Transformational Kinesiology®️ teacher from the Polaris International College from Denmark.

Inspired by her contemplative vision, Silvia developed a practice of alignment and a method to evoke Presence which uses the essential elements of nature and their direct expression in the quality of our stance and touch. 

She is the creator of AstroSoma, somatic astrology and streams AstroBites, a bimonthly podcast in Spotify. 

Nora Matten

Nora devoted the past 20 years to the exploration of body, mind and spirit and is passionate about teaching the art of touching with presence, sensitivity and listening hands. Nora's professional  journey into massage began in 1999 when she first traveled to Esalen Institute to explore massage. She became an Esalen® Massage Crew member in 2003 and has been teaching Esalen® massage since 2005.  Nora's work and teaching is influenced by Gestalt awareness practice, many forms of bodywork, dance and yoga practices, her  training in movement based expressive arts therapy at the Tamalpa Institute,  and her training in prenatal and birth therapy as taught by Ray Castellino.

All of her work is supported by her studies of the Diamond Approach for self-realization.​

The Teachers







is the 1st Massage School in Madrid. Located in the center of the city the school offers spacious and modern facilities on two floors with all the necessary equipment to support your learning experience.

Location: C. de Cartagena, 170, 28002 Madrid


Phone :    +34 915 61 31 31

WhatsApp: +34 667 83 41 38

Ecuela de Quiromasaje de Madrid


        1.450€  regular price

        1.400€  with 50 € discount if registered by 15th January, 2023

200€  due at registration, the remainder due March

Christmas Promotion: Until 9th January

         1.200€  (1.450 - 250€ discount) when registering and paying in full by 9.1.2023

(200 when registering on-line, the remaining 1000  by 9.1.2023)

Please note: There is a $150 fee payable to Esalen Institute to obtain the Esalen Massage diploma, upon successful completion of the course and all requirements.

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