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Workshop Feedback

Advanced Esalen Massage: Integrating Gentle Creative Stretches into the Flow of Massage  a 5 day workshop
Nora Matten & Daniela Urbassek

Excellent knowledge and teaching style. Very helpful and insightful.

Fantastic! Both instructors delivered what was advertised. Great stretching moves, organized, fun. one great 1/2 day session so there was time for integration and personal time.

Good instruction and presence. We learned so many moves but it wash't overwhelming. We also went deeper into Esalen techniques such as long strokes etc and a good review on how to integrate it all into a holistic experience.

Accessing the Back-body from the Front 5 day workshop
Nora Matten & Rob Wilks

This was one of the best massage classes I have ever had. Would love to have another with these instructors. Rob and Nora were great together. I liked that there were not too many students and great attention.

The combination of teachers wonderful- so easy and informative and kind. This work is very powerful and these teachers demonstrate it and model it so deeply that I feel I am returning home very wealthy with learning. I foresee and hope to attend many more workshops with them- sequels to this class- and I believe their teaching will grow into a whole field of massage! Huge!

This was an amazing continuation of my study in Esalen massage. The instructors are highly talented and skilled at sharing information while creating and holding and safe and welcoming learning environment. I had a wonderful experience and would definitley recommend it to others

Excellent!Teachers did a wonderful job to create a fun and safe environment for us to learn in and feel comfortable to be where we are and get better from there.

Fantastic! After this workshop I can't wait to come back for a second module of this work. Nora & Rob were born to teach & give bodywork as a form of individual and planetary healing. Thank You!

Advanced Esalen Massage - a weekend workshop
Nora Matten & Jessica Fagan
For me the experience was absolutely amazing. I loved the concept of being present for myself & others. I love being present with myself and the other body & just let myself be intuitive & delicate. The marvel of the pure touch, I feel so connected now & loved & loving.

Very good instructions, totally bringing over the spirit of this massage. I learned new moves which are beautiful and fulfill my expectation of getting advanced moves. Should be longer.

Beautiful experience as well as educational. Re-learned presence as the fundamental of Esalen massage as well as some new techniques.

Exceptional- Nora and Jessica were amazing generous and extremely inspiring : wonderful teachers

Massage for Couples a weekend workshop
Nora Matten & Oliver Bailey
I learned many new techniques & felt like I grew even closer to my new husband. The class was well organized and Oliver and Nora's passion & love for what they do shined through every demo!

Transformational! I experienced more then I expected. I thought I would learn massage- instead I learned how to sense and use my energy and that of others to nurture and massage.

Esalen Massage & Yoga 5 day workshop
Nora Matten & Peggy Horan
It was heart opening! The teachers guidance was loving,caring and inspiring! We had a very exceptional group that provided the space to be open in our hearts, to learn & grow. I have a new way of practicing that forever will be with me.

Fantastic mix of skill and information. Nora & Peggy are profound, caring, lovely, and deeply considerate in their guidance & teaching. They nurtured the group into openness. The experience was certainly enriching & hopefully life changing. I look forward to implementing my learning into my work.

Just what I was looking for. Relaxation, personal growth, inspiration, healing. Great instruction of yoga and massage.

Esalen Massage in the Side-lying position weekend & 5 day workshop
Nora Matten & Peggy Horan
The instructors where excellent, completely present & knowledgeable of the subject.

Esalen Massage for Women  weekend workshop
Nora Matten & Johanna Holloman

This was one of the most healing workshops I have attended. Nora& johanna designed a great program of healing exercises, dance, massage & Yoga. Nurtouring was exceptional. I loved this class and would attend again.

Phenomenal Widely engaging. Covered many aspects of massage, yoga, movement, music and special techniques to enhance openness and sharing. Again please

Amazing! Very deep and strong interpersonal work.

Celebrating Womenhood 5 day workshop
Nora Matten & Johanna Holloman

Current Esalen Massage Trends weekend workshop
Nora Matten & Vicki Topp

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