Esalen® Massage and Bodywork - Nora Matten - Therapist and Teacher & TRE Provider
"Since writing Bodymind during the 1970s, I have enjoyed watching the fields of massage, bodywork, and alternative healing expand, diversify and blossom.  I have also had the special pleasure of experiencing many of the world’s finest massage therapists.  I can honestly say that Nora Matten is one of the most gifted, talented and caring bodyworkers/healers I have ever encountered.  Through her compassionate and sensitive work and her radiant and kind soul, Nora consistently endeavors to raise the art and science of massage therapy to an entirely new level."
Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., psychologist, gerontologist, author: Bodymind, Healthy Aging, Eldercare, Age Wave,Age Power and With Purpose.

"Nora smoothly and seemingly effortlessly blends various massage techniques to create a truly customized healing experience. Her broad deep strokes, gently coax and convince the muscle tension to melt away. Nora's long flowing strokes and energetic work are incredibly healing and nurturing. What bliss for body and mind! "

Christina, Vail CO

”Att behandlas av Nora är så mycket mer än en grundlig massage. Det är en resa genom kroppen, med Noras starka och känsliga händer som kompass. Att känna energin som flödar obehindrat efter behandlingen är en befrielse. Tack, Nora! ” 

 ”To be treated by Nora is so much more than a thorough massage. It is a voyage through the body with Nora’s strong and sensitive hands as a compass. The feeling of released energy after the treatment is liberating. Thank you, Nora!” 

Emily von Sydow, maj 2013.   

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