Esalen® Massage and Bodywork - Nora Matten - Therapist and Teacher

Happy Summer Solstice!

Below you can make a payment with Credit Card. All major credit card excepted.

In regards to the Sliding Scale please pay at the highest rate you can afford.I offer a sliding scale so that people with lower income are also able to benefit from my work. Thank you!

Select length of session time from the drop down menu, then click on the buy now button. Hover over options in order to see the sliding scale.
Enter the amount you choose to pay. anywhere between the top and bottom rate, based on above guide lines. Paying by CC incurs a 3% credit card fee, please add that to your intended payment amount.
It is already added to the top and bottom of the sliding scale in the choices below.

Thank you!

3 Session Summer Special

5 Session Solstice Special

Summer Solstice Special
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