Esalen® Massage and Bodywork - Nora Matten - Therapist and Teacher & TRE Provider
About Me

I am a member of the Esalen® Massage Crew as well as a Certified Esalen® Massage teacher.
I have been practicing bodywork since 2000 and have been teaching at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA since 2005 and began teaching internationally in 2009.
I also teach dance and yoga.
My work is influenced by many forms of bodywork, Gestalt awareness practice, prenatal and birth therapy as taught by Ray Castellino, Zuza Engler Soul Motion, Forrest Yoga and Vipassana meditation. I am a Level 2 Graduate from the Tamalpa Institute.
All of my work is supported by my studies in the Diamond Approach for self-realization.

"my Massage is loving, nurturing and deep.
I work from my heart. My intention is to create a safe space  in which change can happen through awareness. Each session is unique and tailored to what is needed in the moment. A wave like dance of listening and responding, breath and movement, creating a sense of wholeness and well being.
I combine Esalen® Massage with deep bodywork, Thai Massage, energy work and my practice of presence. "
One of my preferred ways of working is in the side - lying position which is ideal for people who are unable to lie in the prone ( on the belly) or supine ( on the back) position, as well as for pregnant women.

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